Ministry in The Gorge

♦    Gorge Ecumenical Ministries
         HRVCC belongs to this cooperative group of  inter faith communities which work together for the benefit of our         communities.
        GEM's mission is to offer an active, ecumenical, Christian witness to all people in our Gorge communities.  This is put         into action in many spirit-filled ways of which our congregation has taken part.
♦    Fish Food Bank
        "I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me drink."  Matthew 25:35.  One of GEM's most visible Christian         witnesses for many years is this program that provides emergency food and supplies for thousands of needy people         each year.  Our congregation members supply food, money, and volunteer on a regular basis.  See "How We Care"         for ways to help.
♦    Hood River Shelter Services
        The Warming Shelter, which serves those without adequate shelter in our community, began under the leadership of         Reverend Linda Presley, a former minister at HRVCC, in the fall of 2010.  The shelter seeks to "compassionately         meet the basic needs of those without shelter during the months of November through March."  Our congregation         provides volunteers and financial support for this ministry.
 ♦    Crop Walk
        "I was a stranger and you received me...naked and you clothed me..." Matthew 25:35-36.  Crop Walk is sponsored         by GEM.  We have hosted the event and had several walkers, including children and youth.  Community participants         have raised several thousand dollars over the past 25+ years toward helping the hungry in the Gorge and around         the world.
♦    Educational Opportunities
        GEM sponsors yearly workshops on topics such as Ecology, Solar Energy, Health Care Reform and Justice.