What We Do

HRVCC does the things that characterize a church.
Worship, Music, Study, Fellowship pages are to be found here.
Outreach is so important that it has its own tab on the homepage,  "How We Care."

Those things take on a unique form for children and youth and are given high priority.

  • We use a Rotation Model Sunday school approach which gives children and youth opportunities to learn Bible Stories through many different learning styles.
  • We have fellowship groups for elementary, middle and high school youth which gives them the opportunity to make lasting friends in Christian community.
  • We provide opportunities for children and youth to  both participate and lead in worship.
  • We participate in Regional Events through the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  • We provide scholarships to Summer Camp and Mission Trips.
  • To find out more click on one of the following categories:  Children's Programs, Middle School Programs, or High School Programs.